Monday, July 12, 2010

Setting up for an Election on the ENPS Server

When you are setting up for an election in ENPS on the server side you need to go to the News Wire Profiler and look for the AP Election Wire.  It will look like this.
The Wire may look more compact.  If that is the case click on "More" in the bottom left corner. Notice the active box checked in 2 places and the election date is greyed out.  You will need to uncheck both active boxes.  First uncheck the top one then the bottom one.
You will get a message about this causing the wire to stop capturing data, but you will need to click Yes. This will allow the date to be edited. Make sure you put the date in this format mm/dd/yy. Then check the active boxes again, top then bottom.

Next you will need to find the News Object Manager.  Inside this is a window called Election Processing. If this is the first test of an election then you will need to check the "build races from wire data" checkbox. After the first test leave it unchecked.

 The rest is up to IMD to set up the election in the ENPS clients.