Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Putting Ignite Back Together.

So after we took the Firebox out of the equation the other night, we now had to put the new one back in.  This one did not come pre-configured. So I had to do all of the configuration with the Grass Valley tech on the phone.

Mostly it was put all of the cables back and set the ip addresses back like they were the other night.  But there is special software to configure the Firebox. 

I was told to install the software on either a scriptviewer pc or an ignite pc.  So I put it on Scriptviewer A (important later).  Got all of the configuration done and the ignite system seems to be pulling the data in again.  Got off the phone with the tech and had the production folks check it out.  No closed captioning.

Reset everything a few times... nothing. Ran around in circles and did a rain dance... nothing. I couldn't think of anything else.  Scott looked at the properties for the scriptviewer and noticed that the serial connection was  1200 baud 7 bit NONE parity and 1 stop.  That was wrong it should be ODD parity.  So he changed it and it worked but when he reset the computer it quit working.  Settings had reverted to NONE parity.

Turns out the Firebox config program left a couple of services running on the machine and they were changing the parity on the comm port settings.  We had to disable the services and then everything worked like it was supposed to.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ignite Quit Receiving MOS Updates

Our Ignite system quit receiving MOS updates. Scriptviewer had nothing also.  We suspected the gateway pc at first. 

I went to ENPS and cleared the queue  and MOS deactivated all of the rundowns.  I then reactivated the MOS on the rundowns and the queue immediately built back up.

Pinging ENPS from the gateway failed as well as pinging the main ignite computer.  Must be the Firebox has died.

restarting the Firebox failed. It never came back up.

Added a second NIC to the gateway pc. Changed the original NIC ip address to above and made the addin NIC to be on the same subnet as the ENPS server.

Then in Scriptviewer I went to ScriptList and News Server Setup.  I changed the ip address  in ENPS MOS to match the 192 ip in the gateway then click on build and ok

Next was to change the ip in ignite.  Go to Setup > News Servers.  Again ENPS Mos to the 192 ip and build.  Then a quick restart and all was back up. scripts were showing up and everything was updating as it should.

Checked the queue in ENPS and it had filtered itself out. But I did not think that would happen until after rundowns were deactivated and reactivated.

Monday, February 1, 2010

WSI Alert Monitor

So we have just recently had a problem with the video card on our WSI Alert computer.  Called WSI and got it replaced.  We have a DVI splitter cable to allow the local monitor to see the computer and a Gefen Cat5 9500HD extender to show the monitor to weather.  The video was not passing through the splitter after we replaced the video card.  So I looked at getting a Kamer VM-2HDCP.  The first 2 did not work and the 3rd would not work with our HP monitor in the weather center. So we returned it and got another Tripp Lite splitter.  Also the Gefen was not passing video either so we had to replace that too.

Moral of the story... avoid Kramer.  Their stuff has failed to work at every chance we have given it. We have tried them on other occasions and it has never worked out for us.